Fun at the ClubCorp Charity Classic


or 11 years, ClubCorp clubs have joined together in a collective philanthropic effort to give back to their communities, as well as to national causes, through the annual ClubCorp Charity Classic. By organizing and participating in golf and tennis tournaments, dinner and dancing galas, auctions, 5K runs, and more, you have helped raise more than $23 million since 2007. The fun-loving giving continued this past year with funds once again going to Augie’s Quest and its efforts in finding treatments and cures for ALS; the ClubCorp Employee Partners Care Foundation (E.P.C.F.), providing ClubCorp staffers in crisis with financial assistance; and more than 100 national and local organizations.


Each year since the ClubCorp Charity Classic began, part of the money raised has benefited the E.P.C.F., an independent 501(c)(3) fund that assists ClubCorp employee partners financially during times of need. Here are just a few examples of how your fundraising efforts have helped others.

When an employee partner’s home was flooded with 5 feet of water after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area, he had to continue paying mortgage for a house he and his family with three small children couldn’t live in while also renting an apartment they could live in. The E.P.C.F. helped with three months of mortgage payments and a $500 gift card for necessities.

After a young, single mother received a cancer diagnosis, the E.P.C.F. helped her with monthly expenses while she went through a portion of her treatment.

When an employee partner’s newborn underwent surgery for a heart condition and had to be in a neonatal intensive care unit for three months prior to surgery and six months after, the E.P.C.F. helped with mortgage and other monthly expenses while the employee had to take time off from work.

When an employee partner’s teenage daughter was killed after a drunken driver hit the car the girl was driving, the E.P.C.F. covered all funeral costs.


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