A Eurostar Is Born

New high-speed train service gets you from London to Amsterdam


ancy a leisurely side trip from London to Amsterdam? Skip the airport hassle and hop the Eurostar, which recently launched twice-daily high-speed train service between the two cities, whisking you from London’s St Pancras Station to Amsterdam Centraal in three hours and 41 minutes.

Travel on the state-of-the-art e320 trains — which offer free Wi-Fi and power outlets at every seat — starts at just $50 one way, but the fully flexible Business Premier class warrants the $374 ticket. Express check-in means you can arrive just 10 minutes before departure, but you’ll want to get there early for the free drinks and snacks at St Pancras’ exclusive Eurostar lounge.

On board, settle into the roomy seats and watch the countryside zip by at 186 mph, stream free Amazon Prime TV shows, or delve into the huge stack of U.K. newspapers and glossy European titles. Midway through the journey, dine at your seat on a three-course breakfast or dinner designed by Michelin-star chef Raymond Blanc, along with unlimited wine and regional craft beer. To make your arrival seamless, a taxi-booking service on the train ensures a cab will be waiting at the station.

The return, requiring a train transfer and passport check in Brussels, is slightly less convenient, but that’s slated to change by the end of 2019. eurostar.com


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