“We never want to take the humanity out of our news coverage.”

Barbara Ciara

A member at Town Point Club, Norfolk, Va., since 2015


Who she is: Managing editor and evening news anchor for WTKR, the CBS-affiliate TV station for the Hampton Roads area of southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina. “I help shape our content and strive to do stories that are meaningful to our community.”

Fulfilling profession: Though she won a regional Emmy Award in 1999 for a story about a 19-year-old convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, she says what she finds most rewarding are “those moments when it’s breaking news and there’s no script and you’re just going with it.”

Daily potential: “Everyday there’s someone really interesting who it would be nice to get in front of the camera — they pop up like whack-a-moles. This could be someone in government, someone in the entertainment industry, or just someone extraordinary who happens to not have a marquee name.”

Her trademark bold jewelry: “One viewer called and said, ‘I have a real problem with the size of your necklaces.’ So I responded, ‘What’s the point of wearing jewelry if you can’t see it from space?’ She got a big laugh out of that.”

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