BMW Road Trip

Three new Butterfield & Robinson itineraries

BY ANDREW SESSA — Winter 2018

Luxury car aficionados have long taken advantage of European delivery, ordering a vehicle from a carmaker on the Continent, then heading across the pond for factory pickup. They drive it around for a bit, then drop it off for shipping home. Doing so offers bragging rights and a discount, saving them thousands of dollars.

Now, BMW has souped-up its program, partnering with luxury travel company Butterfield & Robinson. Three new ready-to-book, curated itineraries leave from BMW’s Munich factory, one making an Alpine loop, the others ending in Paris and Vienna. Custom routes could head through the Dolomites to Venice, say, or swing through Switzerland. With 12 drop-off points available, from Amsterdam to Zurich and Nice to Hamburg, the pedal-to-the-metal possibilities feel endless. 866-551-9090; 


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