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Buried Lie

Saving Strokes From the Sand – Tip #5

BY TOM MACKIN — Summer 2018

Tip by instructor Matt Killen

Killen, an instructor at Discovery Land Co. properties throughout North America, includes 2017 PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas, as well as Bud Cauley, J.B. Holmes, and Kenny Perry, among his students.

ou have to dig the ball out of a buried lie, so you need to square the clubface to the ball and use that leading edge like a shovel into the sand. If you try to open up the clubface, it will skip off that lie and likely blade the ball. A lot of buried lies occur right under the bunker lip, which prevents a follow-through. So you take the leading edge of the club and stick it an inch or two behind the ball to get it out. Your weight is forward — at least 60 percent on your front foot — and the ball should be slightly back of center. Keep your front shoulder tilted down toward the ball. If that shoulder rises, the low point of your swing will change. You want the club to enter the sand before it reaches the ball, but you don’t want the club to touch down too early. Don’t try to be too greedy with this shot. Just focus on getting the ball out and onto the green.”


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