“We create opportunities for women to be inspired by each other.”

Candy O’Terry

A member at Boston College Club, Boston, since 2017
Who she is: A 25-year Boston radio personality, she co-founded Boston Women in Media and Entertainment (BWME) in 2012, providing networking opportunities and career-enhancement seminars for BWME members. “It’s all about creating relationships and inspiring others.”

In the spotlight: The organization’s 200 members consist of area newscasters, reporters, and women involved in many other media and entertainment platforms. “We include everyone who is in front of or behind cameras and microphones.”

Shared experiences: For her radio show Exceptional Women, O’Terry interviewed more than 600 women over 23 years, including Mariah Carey and Stevie Nicks. Now, O’Terry imparts “16 Life Lessons” she learned from all those women when she hosts or speaks at about 50 events a year. “I learned lessons about courage, perseverance, entrepreneurship, passion, and what it takes to be successful.”

What’s new: This year, BWME launched BWME Cares, a scholarship program to help its members continue their education through conferences and classes.

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