“The Porsches initially get people into the club, but the friendships keep them there.”

Caren Cooper

A member at The Hills of Lakeway, Austin, Texas, since 1999


Who she is: She is just the second woman president in the 60-year history of the Porsche Club of America, a car-enthusiast group with more than 115,000 members and 143 chapters in the United States and Canada.

Mission: “Our goal is to host fun, safe car events that range from social outings and car shows to driving events.”

Owners club: Members must own a Porsche to join. “One member may drive a $500,000 Carrera GT, another may drive a $2,000 944 that needs some TLC, and they all come together at the same events. It doesn’t matter which model you drive. Everyone just wants an excuse to be with their friends and talk about the cars.”

In her blood: “My parents loved all things with wheels and had a particular affection for certain marques, Porsche being one of them. So I developed a passion for Porsche very early.”

Her all-Porsche garage: A Cayenne Turbo; a speedy, yellow Boxster S convertible; and a 944 Turbo PCA GT3 class race car that she and her husband race.

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