CEO’s Letter — Fall 2018

Dear Members and Guests,

It has been an exciting past few months for me. I spent my first 100 days as CEO visiting clubs, conducting town hall meetings, and talking to more than 1,500 Employee Partners and to many of you. Seeing you engaged in your clubs shows me how important they are in your lives, and I have also witnessed the great pride our Employee Partners take in serving you every day. The dedication and passion on both sides inspire me. During this time, I have found many things we do very well and a number of areas in which we can do better. I promise we will keep delivering on what we do best and will work especially hard on those areas that need improvement.

Moving forward, as we continue to invest in club infrastructure and reinventions, we will also introduce many new opportunities that will add value to your benefits and your experiences as a Member. Over the past year, ClubCorp has experimented with a few new ideas — golf lounges with indoor golf simulators, an interactive technology-based driving range entertainment experience, and a new club concept — all with extremely positive results, reaffirming what we believe: ClubCorp is a lifestyle organization. But we have only dipped our toes in the pool with offerings outside of traditional private club amenities. While we will always have a passion for golf and focus on the game, we now plan to jump in and truly explore new amenities, club concepts, and innovations. We’re confident these enhancements will help you connect at new levels with your family and friends while also reflecting your interests and promoting your health and wellness.

Throughout my 30-year career, I have always admired ClubCorp, a company founded on an idea driven by the basic human need to belong, to connect, and to be part of something bigger. I am honored and inspired to help write ClubCorp’s next chapter as we develop “something bigger” and deliver the best experiences to more consistently wow you and your guests.

Thank you for being a Member. You can contact me anytime at my email  address below.

David Pillsbury
Chief Executive Officer

Your Feedback Matters

I encourage you to please take the Member surveys you receive after your food and beverage, golf, and private event experiences at your club. I regularly look at the results and comments. They do make a difference.


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