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New app serves up travel tips on cities around the world

BY ADAM H. GRAHAM — Summer 2017

Face-to-face communication may be best, but it’s not always an option in a world of disappearing hotel concierges. Through its new concierge app, Porter & Sail partners with hotels, including Hôtel Americano in New York and the Wellesley in London, to create exclusive content for their guests in a fast-growing number of the world’s most popular cities, such as LA, Miami, Barcelona, Berlin, Singapore, and Sydney. Soon, the app rolls into Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Montreal. Visit for a complete list of participating hotels.

In the saturated world of travel apps, this free one stands out for its clean design and insider curation of restaurants, bars, and boutiques, all written about and photographed by an in-house team that includes celebrated creatives such as author Sloane Crosley, musician Moby, and actor Stellan Skarsgård. Its also appeals to a variety of travelers. “We love partnering with upmarket, independent hotels that have a sense of authenticity. But we’re in conversations with several five-star hotel brands, too,” says CEO Caitlin Zaino.

Porter & Sail refreshes the app’s content quarterly and the app works in real time, so no recommending an alfresco breakfast spot on Miami’s South Beach at 8 p.m., or if it’s raining. You can also chat directly with your hotel for additional recommendations, and by September, the app will support keyless entry, substituting as a hotel room key. Most important for all travelers, it works offline.

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