New Distilleries Around Scotland

Scotland is experiencing its biggest whisky boom since the 19th century, with new distilleries opening throughout the country every year

BY ADAM H. GRAHAM — Spring 2018

Scotland’s whisky boom is increasing the variety of spirits available locally and gives visitors the opportunity to learn about and taste an ever-increasing variety of Scotch at the source. Wherever you are in the country, make time to visit any of these four distilleries, among the newest and more interesting of the batch. But note, opening dates for Scottish distilleries have a way of changing, so double-check before you make plans to visit.


Location: Islay

Opening date: Aiming for first production in May

Interesting tidbit: The $11 million distillery and visitor center will feature a tasting room offering panoramic views of Jura and the Sound of Islay.

Product: Will distill a variety of whisky styles, from unpeated to heavily peated

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Dornoch Distillery

Location: Sutherland

Opening date: Started production in November 2016, with the first releases expected in 2020

Interesting tidbit: Brothers Phil and Simon Thompson launched a 2016 crowdfunding campaign to transform an 1881 fire station into a microdistillery.

Product: Specializes in malt spirits made using heritage varieties of floor-malted barley and brewers’ yeast. Long fermentations in oak washbacks and direct-fired distillation.

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Reivers Distillery

Location: Near Jedburgh

Opening date: August

Interesting tidbit: Named after the 13th-century raiders who invaded the Borders region of Scotland

Product: This tiny, experimental distillery — operated by Mossburn Distillers, which owns and operates Torabhaig Distillery on the Hebridean island of Skye — plans to distill a range of spirits, including grain whisky in columns and pot-stilled malt whisky.

Toulvaddie Distillery

Location: Fearn

Opening date: July

Interesting tidbit: The company touts that founder and distiller Heather Nelson is the first woman to establish and operate a whisky distillery in Scotland in 200 years.

Product: Using two traditional copper stills (a wash and a spirit still), aims to annually produce 30,000 liters of Highlands-style single malt with both peated and unpeated expressions

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