“I’m fortunate to work for an organization driven by a mission, not shareholder returns.”

Ed Jimenez

A member at Haile Plantation Golf and Country Club, Gainesville, Fla., since 2010
Who he is: After serving as interim CEO of the University of Florida Health Shands system in Gainesville for nine months, he claimed the position permanently last year.

His unique perspective: Jimenez grew up working in front-line positions at hospitals. “I know what it’s like to push a person down the hall on a stretcher. Management in hospitals is often disconnected from the real work, but I know what [health care workers] are going through.”

Coming up: Last year, UF Health Shands broke ground for two innovative hospitals, one specializing in heart and vascular issues and the other focusing on neuromedicine. The projects, costing a combined $415 million, have a 2018 completion date.

Why it matters: With specialty-care units, staff can “think about one thing and one thing only” instead of working with a broad spectrum of ailments. The results, Jimenez says, will be “better outcomes for patients and enhanced opportunities to take science to the bedside faster with innovative research.”

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