From the Editor — Fall 2019

Enriching Time

In Fall 2008, in my first editor’s letter, I introduced you to the reinvented Private Clubs, describing it as bolder, fresher, edgier, newsier, and more fun to read. I noted that I hoped every issue of the magazine would engage, entertain, and excite you.

Well, I feel confident in saying that for 11 years and 45 issues the magazine has done just that, based on the feedback we’ve gotten from all you devoted readers through the years. I find that very gratifying as the print version of Private Clubs comes to an end with this Fall 2019 issue and my team and I move on to new chapters in our professional lives.

When I took this job, I knew ClubCorp focused on Building Relationships and Enriching Lives at its clubs. I didn’t realize the company would help do the same for me. Working together to create issue after issue of this magazine, my staff and I have grown to be like family, and every single staffer has enriched me in some way or another. Professionally, for example, I better understand how to establish processes that ensure a well-oiled machine. On a personal level, I’ve learned important lessons in kindness and gentleness.

Realizing all that I’ve reaped on the job helps me understand why ClubCorp has prospered for 60-plus years, and why it will continue to do so. What better mission could a company have than enriching lives? For my parting words, I want to thank my team (pictured here with me) for enriching mine and for their dedication to producing a quality magazine that enriched yours — and thanks to all of you for embracing the magazine through the years.


Drum Roll, Please

In May, Private Clubs picked up two Maggie Awards — for Best Regularly Featured Department and Best Overall Publication Design. Presented by B2B Media, the awards honor excellence in publishing and digital media.


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