From the Editor – Summer 2019

European Charm


Three months after my March getaway to Lisbon, Portugal, I still remember the breathtaking view from the Seen Lisboa restaurant atop the city’s Tivoli hotel. Row after row of white buildings with red roofs bordered the Tagus River as a brilliant sunset lit up the sky yellow-orange. Three years after visiting Switzerland, I still remember the stunning view as I walked through the hillside vineyards of Vevey on pastoral Lake Geneva. One look at this issue’s cover and you know why I haven’t forgotten that day.

Aah, Europe delivers beauty in spades, no matter the country, one reason I never pass up any opportunity to venture across the pond — and then there’s all the history, the various cultures, the people, the art, the architecture, the food. I know you share my enthusiasm because our reader surveys tell us that European countries rank high on your list of favorite international travel destinations.

Knowing that, we put together our cover story (“20+ Cool New Reasons to Cross the Pond”), in which we tempt you to book your next European sojourn by spotlighting what’s new there. I’m drawn to Cox & Kings’ Armenia and Georgia tour, especially since I’ve never spent any time in Eastern Europe. Being that I’m an avid power walker, a just-developed walking trail that crosses Liechtenstein sounds inviting to me, as well. With the majestic Alps rarely out of sight, the views would no doubt trump those I see on the track at my gym in Dallas.

Maybe I’ll see some of you other power walkers out on that Alpine trail.


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