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Fairway Bunker Shot

Saving Strokes From the Sand – Tip #3

BY TOM MACKIN — Summer 2018

Tip by PGA Tour professional Bill Haas

In 2017, Haas, who’s earned six PGA Tour wins including the 2011 Tour Championship, ranked in the top 10 for greens in regulation from a fairway bunker on the PGA Tour.

ome golfers hang back on their right foot during this type of shot, but I get ahead on my left foot. The farther you are ahead, the harder it is to hit behind the ball, and the easier it is to hit it solid. Amateurs try to help the ball out of the fairway bunker and move backward during the swing. Try to hit down on the ball, unless you have to deal with the lip of the bunker. That’s a different ballgame. If you check the lie of Tour pros after they hit this shot, none of them will have a divot behind the ball. The divot is always in front of the ball because they hit down on it. Ball first, then the sand. Make the ball position closer to the middle of your stance because you’re trying to hit the ball first.”


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