From the Editor – Summer 2018

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In this space last issue, I encouraged you to tag us on social media and tell us who you thought would win the 2018 Masters at Augusta last April. Before the tournament, we also went out in the field ourselves and polled members and guests at ClubCorp clubs in several states. We got picks from executives here at company headquarters, too. We videotaped the predictions and posted them in a four-part series on our Facebook page. Did they grab attention! We reached more than 90,000 people and nearly 35,000 viewed the clips — hopefully you were one of our viewers. For the record, only one of our video stars picked Patrick Reed, this year’s champ. Kudos to Gerry Sam, a member at the Clubs of Prestonwood in Dallas.

For summer, we’re producing another set of videos — this time, instructional. Designers Lori Cusick and Ron Thomas shot golf pro Key Young, a golf fitness professional at Gleneagles Country Club in Plano, Texas, demonstrating the tips on making better bunker shots offered up by pro Luke Donald and other experts in this issue’s Elevate story (“Better Bunker Shots”). The videos visually illustrate how to execute particular shots. We’ll be posting them in a series over the next several weeks; let me know how helpful you find them.

Soon, we’ll pull out our camera again — shooting a video of the editorial team at Plano’s Legacy Hall, one of the three new culinary havens writer Jen Murphy spotlights in “Next-Gen Food Courts.” Jen made her picks for what to eat there, and we’ll share ours with you on social media.

That’s an assignment we’ll really be sinking our teeth into.


Breaking the Mold:

It’s not business as usual at ClubCorp’s newest city club. Click here and check out what makes the Collective an exciting concept charting new territory for the club industry.


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