New Golf Learning Center

Fine-tune your game in the Dominican Republic


’m hitting ball after ball with a 7-iron from one of two instructional bays at the Golf Learning Center at Casa de Campo Resort & Villas, which opened in May on the Dominican Republic’s southeast coast. I’m focused only on my feet — specifically, where my weight is positioned and how it transfers forward, back, and from side to side during the swing.

Between 70 and 80 percent of my weight should be on my left side at the point of impact, explains Eric Lillibridge, Casa de Campo’s head teaching professional, yet almost 40 percent remains behind the ball, much of it in my right foot’s heel. I know this because I’m standing on a wireless Boditrak mat that measures where a golfer exerts pressure on the ground and how that pressure changes during the swing.

The learning center was developed through a partnership with renowned PGA instructor Charlie Epps, who serves as the center’s executive director and plans to spend more than half his time teaching there. Besides Boditrak, the facility features TrackMan software and two ToughLie 360 units — angled, octagon-shaped hitting stations in which golfers can replicate the awkward shots they’ll face on the resort’s three Pete Dye-designed courses. 855-580-4814;


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