New Museum Honors Veterans

Memorial opens in Columbus, Ohio
BY RICH WARREN — Spring 2019

isit the recently opened National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio, and you won’t encounter any artillery, planes, or tanks. Instead, you’ll take a narrative journey, hearing or reading the stories of individual veterans in every branch of the armed forces and in every war in U.S. history, such as a soldier’s encounter with a sniper during the Battle of the Bulge and a woman’s experience fighting in the Revolutionary War dressed as a man.

Developers originally envisioned the project as a memorial solely to Ohio’s veterans but expanded it to a nationwide tribute after recommendations made by a committee led by former astronaut and U.S. senator John Glenn. The museum’s interactive exhibits, videos, and artifacts showcase universal elements those in the armed forces experience, such as training, combat, and reintegration into civilian life. 888-987-6866;


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