Keep Your Wine Fresh Longer


t’s the adult pregame ritual: You’re getting dressed for a late dinner out and you want just one glass of wine. But once you open the bottle and pour, you risk the remaining vino going stale — not good, especially if it’s a pricey vintage.

Meet Plum, a fully automated “wine appliance” that solves your dilemma by preserving wine for up to 90 days after the first pour. CEO and founder David Koretz merged his love of wine and technology to create this innovative gem that does even more than keep vino fresh. Simply drop a 750 mL bottle of wine into one of the two chambers and a motorized needle that lasts for 300 bottles pierces the cork. Plum identifies it through a database of more than 6 million labels, chills the bottle to the winemaker’s ideal temperature, provides tasting notes and vineyard information on a high-definition video screen, and delivers customizable pours. $1,499. 844-856-7586;

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