Lamborghini’s New-Breed SUV

The carmaker powers up its latest crossover with speed and impeccable styling

BY MICHAEL FRANK — Winter 2019

hen asked to reveal the secret sauce that makes the new 190-mph, five-passenger AWD Lamborghini Urus look so cool, Mitja Borkert, the carmaker’s head of design, simply replies, “We do Lamborghini. When you see a Lamborghini coming from any angle, it should be unmistakably a Lamborghini.” And so it is — using the same graphics as the Aventador, the Huracán, or any other Lambo to enforce its family resemblance. Read on for more reasons you’ll want this luxurious SUV in your garage.

Built for speed: A 3.6-second 0-to-60 acceleration time and 641-horsepower V-8 grab your attention straight out of the gate, especially when you switch the driving mode to Corsa (race), which amplifies the exhaust to a not-subtle roar. That’s impressive, but we’re really wowed by how well the Urus slays curvy roads, with exquisite steering feel as well as a sports-sedanlike agility. Then, when not in Corsa mode, it defaults to being comfortably athletic — quick, confident, but not punishing.

Over-the-top cabin: Climb aboard and you’re forgiven if you think the car’s ignition might fire off a missile. Switches feel heavy, overbuilt, as does the fighter-jet-style cockpit, where walls of carbon fiber offset a few steers’ worth of Italian leather. It’s hardly subtle, and that’s hardly the point. It’s a Lamborghini. It’s not supposed to be Mozart; it’s supposed to be AC/DC.

Un-Lamborghini practicality: Thanks to the Urus’ nearly 10 inches of ground clearance and full-time AWD, you won’t get stranded in snow or sand. Plus, with almost 22 cubic feet of cargo space, two golf bags can easily fit sideways in the hatch behind the rear seats. You get all the latest safety tech, too, from automated lane keeping to night vision that alerts you to pedestrians or critters in your path.

Individual touch: Design boss Borkert will advise you, personally, about color, trims, and options, so you can comfortably go for something different and bespoke. Why? Because Borkert stresses that in a world of sameness, a Lamborghini customer can — and should — have a car that looks truly unique both inside and out.

Details: From $200,000.


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