“This is a platform to transform the way women are received and perceived.”

Lisa Borders

A member at Commerce Club, Atlanta, since 2001


Who she is: In March, the former Coca-Cola executive took the reins of the WNBA as the women’s professional basketball league’s new president.

The draw of the net: Although never a player herself, she says: “I cut my teeth on the men’s program at Duke while I was an undergraduate there. I never missed a game.” Then, while serving as vice mayor and president of the Atlanta City Council, she led the charge to bring one of the WNBA’s 12 teams — the Dream — to Atlanta in 2008.

Why the league’s important: “As a woman, I have particular empathy with women who are doing amazing things. The WNBA is an opportunity for women who’ve played at the collegiate level to live out their professional dreams.”

Landmark season: This year marks the WNBA’s 20th anniversary, a milestone the league will celebrate with new Adidas-designed uniforms, balls embossed with a special 20th-season logo, a Verizon marquee sponsorship, and greater exposure on ESPN, which will broadcast all postseason and finals games for the first time.

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