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Longer Bunker Shot

Saving Strokes From the Sand – Tip #1

BY TOM MACKIN — Summer 2018

Tip by PGA Tour professional Luke Donald

Donald, perennially among the top-ranked bunker players on the PGA Tour, has earned 12 wins on the PGA and European Tours.

 use a less lofted club, such as a 54-degree wedge, when the greenside bunker shot is more than 20 yards. You want the ball to run out more on this shot. I get the ball more forward in my stance and make sure the shaft is vertical, or even leaning slightly backward toward my belly button, to expose the bounce on the club. When you use the bounce, you can be a little off on where you strike the sand. It gives you more room for error and you don’t have to be so precise with your strike. When you take the club back, keep the toe open and feel it move around you. In the normal golf shot, the club path hinges up, but with this shot you want it more rounded to expose that bounce on the club. I like to play with a reasonably square stance, or slightly closed, so I can feel the head of the club going out and around, then coming back down.”


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