There’s nothing temporary about my clients’ business.

Louis Flory

A member at the Clubs of Kingwood, Kingwood, Texas, since 2007


Who he is: President and CEO of Effex Management Solutions, a Texas-based staffing company that provides businesses such as Foxconn, Fujifilm, and Magna with permanent solutions to their labor needs. 

How it works: Effex partners with companies rather than acting simply as a vendor. “The client outsources some or all of its labor force to us. We office inside their facility and handle all the recruiting, onboarding, and management of the labor force so the company can focus on its core competency.”

His inspiration: After getting suspended from college 20 years ago, he landed a job at a temporary staffing agency where he was tasked with inquiring whether companies needed temporary help. Three months in, he realized there was a “better way to not only make a much bigger impact, but also be more profitable.”

Acting on it: At 25, he started Effex with “zero promises I was going to be able to make it work.” Now 40, he has seen his company employ more than 43,000 people for clients in 17 states and reach about $300 million in annual revenue.

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