“Conducting is all about collaboration.”

Michael Butterman

A member at Southern Trace Country Club, Shreveport, La., since 2016
Who he is: Each year, he crisscrosses the country as music director and conductor for the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra in Colorado, the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra in Louisiana, and the regional Pennsylvania Philharmonic. 

Side gigs: He also serves as principal conductor for education and community engagement for the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra in New York and books guest conductor appearances throughout the U.S.

Putting it together: When curating the season for each specific orchestra, he selects “programming that both reflects and connects with the community we’re serving, striking a balance between the familiar and the unfamiliar.”

Upcoming season: His packed 2018-19 schedule includes music ranging from Bach’s masterpiece “St. Matthew Passion” to a tribute to film composer John Williams.

Big moment: Last year, Kennedy Center invited the Boulder Philharmonic to open the inaugural Shift Festival of American Orchestras. “We were really privileged to share the spotlight with major orchestras from bigger cities and with much larger budgets.” 

Leader of the band: “I very much consider myself a colleague of the musicians. I want them to feel empowered to bring their own ideas and personalities to what we’re playing.”

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