“You’re only as good as your last project, so every job is critical.”

Nathaniel Howe

A member at Braemar Country Club, Tarzana, Calif., since 2015
Who he is: Founder of Nathaniel Howe Studios, an entertainment branding company specializing in film and television. “We help people attach the right story and visuals to their campaign.”

Work you’ll recognize: Howe created opening visuals for the NFL Network, promos for TV shows including Sons of Anarchy, and the sharks-circling-skyscrapers graphic for ABC’s Shark Tank. He won an Emmy Award for a National Geographic Channel campaign.

Recent projects: He created the look and feel for the opening segments of the Golf Channel’s Feherty and Morning Drive programs.

How he started: He was 9 when his dad bought him a camera and editing software. “We would make movies together, and every Christmas he added to my studio. He never connected it to a career. We were just having fun.”

Sound advice: “The key is to listen beyond what the clients say to find the connection they want to make with their customers.”

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