“3D printing is still a frontier technology.”

Nick Liverman

A member at Town Point Club, Norfolk, Va. since 2018
Who he is: Founder of Old World Labs, a 3D printing company in Virginia Beach, Va., specializing in custom projects for industry, research, and manufacturing.

What is it? 3D printing uses a variety of materials to create physical objects — such as prosthetics, dental implants, jewelry, and hearing aids — from a digital computer file. “There’s a lot of craftsmanship in 3D printing. You can’t just hit a button and print something.”

Current project: “We’re working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the University of Michigan on an artificial lung that treats COPD. You can manufacture an organ that’s actually better than what you’re born with.”

Most unusual project: “We just finished making dinosaur bones for the Smithsonian. We built claws and teeth. It was a fun project and not something we normally do.”

Predicting the future: “3D printing is going to change everything, especially the medical field. All kinds of new things are going to emerge. It’s really just a matter of time.”

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