“Our goal is to get people to look at other means of transportation  than single-occupancy vehicles.”

Nuria Fernandez

A member at Silicon Valley Capital Club, San Jose, Calif., since 2014


Who she is: As general manager and CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority, she oversees all transportation for Santa Clara County, the largest county in the San Francisco Bay Area and fourth-largest in California.

By the numbers: The VTA serves an area of 346 square miles, with 494 buses carrying 104,000 passengers daily and 99 light-rail trains transporting 36,000 daily. “Our daytime population increases significantly given that all the major tech companies are headquartered here in Silicon Valley.”

Greatest challenge: “We have to convince commuters throughout the county that the traffic situation is only going to get worse, not better, unless people start taking advantage of smarter transportation options, including public transit, bicycling, and carpooling.”

Long-range plan: To help that situation, she is coordinating a $7 billion project that by 2025 will add 16 miles of aboveground and underground rail, extending Bay Area Rapid Transit service into Santa Clara County.

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