Porsche’s Spicier Cayenne

Redesigned crossover gets hotter

or the 2020 Cayenne Coupe, Porsche took its larger Cayenne crossover and pared away the bulk for a far more dashing look. The coupe’s new from the hood back, and an optional lighter-weight carbon-fiber roof completes the sportier appearance. “It complements the idea of a sports car and looks lower in the front since you have a clear division between the roof and the windscreen,” says Michael Mauer, Porsche’s chief of design. That sportiness does come at a slight cost, with a hair less cargo room than the standard Cayenne because of that sloping roofline — but you still get ample room for four passengers and luggage.

Choose from three engine flavors: the base, 335-horsepower V-6; the twin-turbocharged 434-hp V-6 Cayenne S; and the 541-hp V-8. Our favorite: the quick S, which rockets you to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds and doesn’t burden the coupe with the extra 300 pounds of the V-8’s weight. You get a crossover that drives more athletically.

Testing the Cayenne Coupe S in the foothills of the Austrian Alps, we were wowed by its exceedingly sharp handling. Credit Porsche’s standard air suspension and optional electronic stabilizing bars that prevented the body from rolling off its axis as we bombed through bends.

For an added touch of class, consider ordering yours dressed up with the black-and-white hound’s-tooth interior, harking back to a cloth Porsche offered during the 1970s. From $76,550; porsche.com/usa


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