Prescription Julep

Winter 2014

“In my interpretation of Jerry Thomas’ original recipe from his 1862 Bartenders Guide, the cognac’s soft, lush flavor integrates nicely with the mint, but has a nice, rich body that balances the spice from the rye and the rum.” — Dave Kupchinsky, bartender, the Eveleigh, Los Angeles

11 mint sprigs
1/4 ounce cane sugar
1-1/2 ounces cognac
1/2 ounce rye
1/4 ounce Jamaican rum
powdered sugar

Muddle 10 mint sprigs and cane sugar in a mixing glass with ice. Add all other ingredients except powdered sugar and one mint sprig and stir. Strain into a julep cup with fresh crushed ice and garnish with the mint sprig and powdered sugar.


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