Instructional bay featuring TrackMan software.

Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Expands

Beef up your game at a lakefront Georgia resort


ou now have more reasons to turn to the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf at the Reynolds Lake Oconee resort community in central Georgia for help with your game. The 16-acre facility, operated in partnership with TaylorMade and popular with Tour players, recently unveiled new amenities and enhancements that further elevate its golf instruction and club fitting. Here, three enhancements that should help you improve your play.

1. Reynolds has added three covered, climate-controlled hitting bays, as well as two fully enclosed instructional bays equipped with the latest technology to analyze your golf swing and the shots it produces. Using BodiTrak force plates, instructors can now monitor where you focus your body weight and how you shift it throughout the golf swing, providing insights on how to correct errors in your swing.

2. The two instructional facilities feature TrackMan software, a comprehensive system many PGA Tour pros use daily that measures clubhead speed, ball speed, the club path of a player’s swing, the clubface angle relative to the intended target, the amount of loft a player adds or subtracts to a club at impact, and more. Though the center previously incorporated TrackMan into its club-fitting process, now golfers can more directly interact with the software, working with instructors to measure their swings and make quantifiable improvements to their form and technique.

3. With increased storage space in the TaylorMade tour trailer, where staffers build clubs after the fitting process, you can now get a complete set of new clubs in 24 hours.

You’ll find the facility adjacent to the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, site of the ClubCorp Couples Tournament last spring. 706-467-3563;

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