So You Want a … Tome Celebrating a Pop Art Master

New collector’s edition book spotlights Roy Lichtenstein

BY ELAINE GLUSAC — Summer 2019

aging through Assouline’s new Roy Lichtenstein: The Impossible Collection, connoisseurs of bookmaking and pop art will find common cause to celebrate. The 200-page coffee-table treasure features more than 100 of Lichtenstein’s most famous works — cartoon parodies including “Whaam!” and “Drowning Girl” — reproduced using hand-inked color plates. The artist — part of “a generational revolt, shocking and invigorating the American art scene,” according to the book — famously riffed on comic books and their melodrama, including magnifying the Ben-Day dots that accompanied photographic images in reproduction. This was his way of stimulating a discussion about art and appropriation and elevating the ordinary to high-art status much as Andy Warhol did with Campbell’s Soup cans. Presented in a linen-lined case, the limited-edition book is printed on heavy paper and bound by hand, applying the ancient art of bookbinding to the modern art of homage. We think Lichtenstein would approve.

Details: $895,


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