San Antonio’s New Party Stop

Swank cocktail bar worth tracking down

BY WAYNE CURTIS — Summer 2018

“Swank” is no longer a term of hipster irony — it’s now simply descriptive of midcentury simplicity and elegance. (Thank you, Mad Men!) That’s the first word to come to mind when entering the Modernist, a new cocktail bar that offers a worthy detour if you head to San Antonio, another U.S. city celebrating the 300th anniversary of its founding.

Your first trick? Finding it — it’s in an unmarked 1920s-era home with no sign. Walk in, and you’d be excused for thinking you’ve wandered into someone’s living room. Then you spot the bar with its quilted vinyl barstools fronting an array of well-curated spirits.

Don’t look for a cocktail menu with hard-to-decipher drink names. There is none. The bartenders encourage you to simply tell them what you normally drink, and they’ll concoct something to please you.

Then again, you can always go all Don Draper and order up a classic old-fashioned or Manhattan. When you’ve lasted 300 years, you can do whatever you want. 210-446-8699 — W.C


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