“Making an impact requires a 360-degree view on everything you do.”

Saurabh Khetrapal

A member at The Hills of Lakeway, Austin, Texas, since 2015
Who he is: A self-titled “philanthropreneur,” he is the founder and owner of Fair Trade Safaris, a 2-year-old luxury Africa tour operator that returns 100 percent of net profits to projects benefiting African communities. For example, the outfitter has helped fund the building of a water well in Tanzania’s Maasai territory, providing access to clean water for 30,000 people.

Guest experience: To complement their upscale safari experience, Fair Trade guests have the option to visit the site of one of the outfitter’s myriad community projects, such as the aforementioned water well, to gain an understanding of the scope of these projects and how the profits are being used.

Hitting home: He grew up in East Africa and came to the U.S. at age 18. After success with multiple Silicon Valley start-ups, he shifted his attention 15 years ago to making a social impact in African regions with abject poverty.

His ethos: “I created an operation where guests could have the five-star experience and still make a meaningful impact.”

Success secret: “Tap into the power of collaborations and partnerships. Turn competitors into collaborators, and work toward common goals.”

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