Featured in the book, Sharks: Face-to-Face With the Ocean’s Endangered Predator. PHOTO BY MICHAEL MULLER.

Swim With Sharks (Well, Sort of)


Now you can go nose-to-nose with intimidating oceanic whitetips, great whites, and other shark species from the safety of your armchair. For his decade-in-the-making new book published by Taschen, Sharks: Face-to-Face With the Ocean’s Endangered Predator, photographer Michael Muller, known for his celebrity portraits, took a break from the Hollywood spotlight to search the world’s oceans to capture these formidable creatures in their element.

Talk about dramatic effect: The signed Collector’s Edition, limited to 1,000 copies, comes encased in its own metal cage designed to look like the ones divers use for shark viewing; $1,500 ($70 regular hardback edition). taschen.com

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