“One of the beautiful things about Shaw University is that we operate as a family.”

Tashni Dubroy

A member at City Club Raleigh, Raleigh, N.C., since 2015
Who she is: A 2002 summa cum laude graduate of Shaw University in Raleigh, she returned in 2015 as president. “I want to make sure I give my best to my alma mater.”

Entrepreneurial spirit: She is also co-founder of the nonprofit Brilliant and Beautiful Foundation, which aids young women in scientific research, and was co-owner and COO of hair-care manufacturing and retail company Tea and Honey Blends and co-owner of the hair salon Element Beauty Bar. She brings her varied expertise to Shaw and promotes a business mentality as part of her vision for the school. “We’ve instituted a culture of entrepreneurial thinking across the entire organization.”

Path to the presidency:
 She says her MBA in marketing and Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry have enhanced her far-ranging career interests. “I treasure all of the academic and professional experiences I’ve had because they certainly prepared me for being a college president today.”

Looking forward: For Shaw’s 2017-2018 school year, she says, the 152-year-old university is on track to have its highest incoming freshman enrollment rate yet. “I always maintain a steady focus on the goal I am trying to achieve.”

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