“This isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.”

Tim Brando

A member at Southern Trace Country Club, Shreveport, La., since 1989


Who he is: The Louisiana-born sportscaster is best known for his NCAA football and basketball coverage. He joined Fox Sports last year after 18 years at CBS Sports and also hosts the daily SiriusXM College Sports Nation radio show.

Early start: He landed his first sportscasting gig at age 14, calling high school football games in the booth alongside his dad. “Don’t ever apologize for having an ‘in,’ ” he says. “Everyone needs some help along the way.”

Alternate career path? “I always thought if I didn’t do sports, I’d be a game show host.” He auditioned to host Wheel of Fortune’s daytime edition in 1988.

Future plans: “I hope to one day be part of the USGA team for Fox. After college basketball, golf is the sport I care most about.”

What drives him: “Passion. You need talent and know-how, but you have to have the passion to follow through and make things happen.”

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