“I just want to help as many people as I possibly can.”

Tommy Cunningham

A member at Buckhead Club, Atlanta, since 2013
Who he is: Armed with an engineering background and a Ph.D. in biomechanics, he co-founded Nfant Labs, a medical-device and digital-health company that created Nfant Feeding Solution, the first internet-connected product cleared by the FDA for neonatal intensive care units.

The problem: “About 500,000 babies per year in the U.S. are born premature, and a main factor that keeps them from being discharged from the NICU is having trouble with feeding.”

The solution: While many doctors use the method of having a baby suck on their finger to test the strength of the infant’s swallow, Nfant’s noninvasive device — a sensor clipped to a bottle that communicates with a mobile app — takes the subjectivity out of the equation. “We make any bottle a smart baby bottle. We relay objective data in real time to a tablet so doctors, nurses, and parents can react to how a particular baby is feeding.”

What’s next: “We view feeding as a window into the brain.” The company plans to use the data to study brain-development issues such as autism, cerebral palsy, and others. “The earlier you can diagnose a kid with a neurodevelopmental issue, the better their outcomes are going to be.”

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