Volvo’s Sexy Beast

Drive to impress in this confident, stylish head-turner

BY MICHAEL FRANK — Summer 2017

olvo’s new V90 Cross Country T6 AWD can conquer just about any terrain you’re likely to drive, short of full-tilt 4x4 rock crawling. How? An 8.3-inch ground clearance matches or bests that of most SUVs. Couple that with 316 horsepower juicing all four wheels and this beauty powered tenaciously on mud and dirt, as well as snow and ice, when we tested it in northern Sweden — and shot forward with shocking quickness on pavement. Plus, Volvo’s engineers built this one with a taut suspension that’s fun to drive fast.

Volvo designed this wagon with sleek lines and a subtle cockpit and crowned the dash and doors with hefty hunks of real wood rather than plasticky veneers. The car’s real Nappa leather seats feel richer and softer to the touch than the vinyl-like materials many carmakers choose these days. One must: Get the optional 19-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system that’s flat-out mind-blowing.

Why choose this wagon over its S90 sedan cousin? Because 54 cubic feet of cargo space can swallow as much gear as most mid-size SUVs — and unlike those tall-riding machines, with this one you get more fun for your money, too. From $55,300.

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