“It’s not about making a bunch of money, it’s about having fun.”

Wing Lam

A member at Aliso Viejo Country Club, Aliso Viejo, Calif., since 2009


Who he is: Along with brothers Ed and Mingo, Wing opened Wahoo’s Fish Taco in 1988, blending Mexican, Brazilian, and Asian food in a “fast, full-service” environment. They now have more than 60 restaurants scattered across the U.S.

Why they started: “We just wanted to make some money so we could go surfing.”

What’s new: Locations opened late last year in Philadelphia and Sacramento, Calif. Plans include opening a restaurant in Long Island, N.Y., this summer, and “five or six others” are still in negotiation stages.

On the menu: Wahoo’s, known for fresh, diverse offerings, has added kale salads and wild-caught salmon to the mix, as well as new salsas. “We’re always looking at what we can do to make it better.”

Success secret: “Make sure your employees are happy. You can give them all the training videos you want, but if they aren’t happy, they’re not going to make your customers happy.”

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