“Ultimately, I hope we can apply precision medicine to all other cancer types.”

Zixuan (Zoe) Wang

A member at Pyramid Club in Philadelphia since 2011


Who she is: Scientific director of the Molecular & Genomic Pathology Laboratory at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.

What she’s working on: Detecting gene mutations in lung cancer and colon cancer tissue specimens to provide information for precise, individualized treatment. “We analyze tumor specimens and detect what specific pathways went wrong for that tumor.”

Benefits: “Basically the patient can live longer — several months to several years — with reduced side effects than that of chemo and/or radiation.”

What drives her: “We want to use the personalized medicine approach to change cancer into a chronic and, ultimately, a curable disease.”

When she’s not working: She earned her MBA in December from the Fox School of Business at Philadelphia’s Temple University. “I like to learn new things. Learning leadership and other skill sets through the Executive MBA program will be helpful for anything I do in the future.”

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