“Just because you’re poor doesn’t mean you should have substandard care”

Zoila D. Escobar

Member of City Club Los Angeles since 1991
Who she is: In her dual roles as senior vice president of strategic development and community support of AltaMed and president of the AltaMed Foundation, she strategizes and helps raise funds for a network of more than 40 Southern California clinics that provide health services by board-certified practitioners to needy communities.

Preventative health care, too: AltaMed also organizes programs to keep communities proactive in their own health, such as training everyday people to teach those within their own circles how to manage their diabetes

Up next: Studies conducted by the National Institutes of Health show that even with the same quality of doctors, facilities, and access, factors such as language, culture, and socioeconomic status historically correlate to worse health outcomes. This year, AltaMed will launch the AltaMed Institute for Health Equity to study this phenomenon and provide programming to minimize these disparities.

Work still to do:“The U.S. has the most expensive health-care system in the world, but is ranked 28th in the world in terms of health. Those of us who have gained a little bit of status are responsible for making sure those around us are as healthy and as productive as can be.”

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